Daedalus Reef

Daedalus Reef offers some of the Best Diving in Egypt! It is an offshore reef located 80km East of Marsa Alam.
Most of the dives on Daedalus Reef are drift dives along amazing deep walls covered by superb coral. In addition to the Sharks, you can also encounter various pelagic fishes such as the Giant Trevally or the Dogtooth Tuna and even Manta Rays can be spotted! The Daedalus Reef is located within a Marine Park which combined with its remote location, really is the most pristine dive site around Egypt and the Red Sea.
It features pristine hard and soft coral and an amazing marine life

  Dive Type: Reef
  Depth: 25 - 40 m  
  Visibility: 20 - 30 m