Rocky Island

It is a small oval shaped sand island with steep walls exposed to strong currents from the northeast. It is surrounded by a short reef plateau, which makes for a convenient safety stop at the end of your dives.
The eastern point is many Red Sea diver's favourite site at Rocky Island. This is because of the exciting drift diving and intense schooling action that can occur here. Large schools of snappers and surgeonfish inhabit this area of the island, and this is an open invitation for active sharks to hunt and feed.
The southern coast is mostly protected from the Red Sea currents and its walls are interesting for their convolutions and cracks. Blackspotted sweetlips and Arabian angelfish can be found in the fissures and schooling bannerfish often cover the walls in large numbers.

  Dive Type: Riff
  Depth: 15 - 40 m  
  Visibility: 20 - 30 m