Zabargad is the largest of Egypt's 4 Southern Red Sea marine parks and lies just 7 km north of Rocky Island in the deep south. The island has exquisite turquoise bays, sandy beaches and a 235m high hill at its centre. Zabargad means topaz in Egyptian, and you can still find evidence of an island community that mined the semi-precious stones here. Red Sea diving is at its best on Zabargad Island's south east coast in Turtle Bay. Here you'll find a sandy slope down to 30m or so with a maze of dome coral turrets, forming refuges to reef fish such as pufferfish and sweetlips, and invertebrates such as cuttlefish and octopus. The floor is home to bluespotted stingrays and crocodilefish, and of course turtles are found here too.

  Dive Type: Insel
  Depth: 10 - 40 m  
  Visibility: 10 - 30 m