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Who have never dream to swim with dolphins?

And if the dream can be true ????

Dolphins are always magical and play to us with a real attractively. Since 2011 our company offer you some Dolphins trips and a unbelievable moment to go swim with dolphins. They will be close to you. A unique and unforgettable experience awaits you .

Dolphins Tour is professional and respect way to discover dolphins. Our first preoccupation is the safety and satisfaction from our guest.

This tour is open to every one child until grand grandpa. We enable you to swim and snorkel with dolphins in the wild.

The day run all time by the same way. We leave the marina around 6h30 to be from the first on the dolphins place. We make a briefing to explain to every one the rules and how the day will running. After that a breakfast is making by our chief cook. When we reach the dolphins area, we look to be sure that all is safety, and we jump with dolphins. All time we stay by mobility (with zoodiac) and safety way. After that we go with the boat in some wonderful reef to make a snorkelling time and show to our costumer all the beauty from the Red Sea with our professional guide. During this time, our chief cook prepare a fresh and full lunch. After the lunch, we move to an other reef to show some other part of marine life to our costumer. The day finish around 4pm with sweet ends home made.

Our trip is a all included trip, no extra cost! That's included :

  • English, German and French speaking public
  • Transfer hotel / boat / hotel included
  • Breakfast and lunch included
  • Drinks (cola, water, coffee, tea) included
  • Life jacket / snorkel / mask / fins included
  • Maximum 25 guest on the boat

We hope to see you soon to swim with us


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