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Marinepark: Brothers -Daedalus - Elphinestone

1. day Transfer to the Boat, Arrival Hurghada / Port Ghalib. Welcome to board
2. day First Checkdive. 1 day dive and 1 night dive in Gota Abu Ramada (El Shouna),
crossing in the night to the Brothers Island
3. day 3 dives at Big Brother
4. day 3 dives at Little Brother, crossing during the night to the Daedalus Reef
5. day 3 dives at Daedalus Reef
6. day 3 dives Daedalus Reef, crossing during the night to Ephinestone Reef
7. day 1 dive at Elphinestone, 1 dive at Marsa Mubarak. Cruise back to Port Ghalib
8. day Departure at Port Ghalib. Transfer to the Airport / Hotel



Tour description:

After the first night on board, we start in the early morning, after preparing all papers by the coastguard. The checkdive will be
Gota abu Ramada (also called the Aquarium), its the ideal place for the first check dive. Low depth, but instead provided with a quantity of fish.

In case we start from Port Galib, will bet the first checkdive in El Shouna its the ideal place for the first check dive, shallow water, see gras but also nice soft- and hard corals. You can see turtles, eagleray and normal marine live. Max. depth 25m.

Second dive site will be Brothers Islands, one of the most beautiful dive spots of the world. About 140 km far away from the coast of Safaga and about 88km on the northeast from Port Galib. The two islands are surrounded on the perimeter by a barrier reef. These reefs are unique in their location. The isolated position of the islands and their openness to winds, waves and current creates unique conditions for the formation of all kinds of corals. Strong underwater and surface currents are usual here and must be considered. Each diver must carry a surface marker buoy (SMB) and be able to use it. The speed and direction of the current is very unpredictable. The divers must have a good experience, min. logged dives. Night dives are strictly forbidden. Big Brother the reef slope here nearly vertical rather than a soft incline. Constant currents bring plankton - rich water to feed the numerous kinds of corals. Soft corals of red, claret and blue violet colours begin at depths of 5-6 m and cover the reef walls more than 40m. The main sights of Big Brother are two shipwrecks, lying on its southwest slopes. NUMIDIA the engl. Transport ship with a length of 137 m which run aground on the reef and sank at 21.07.1901. It lays at a depth of 7m down to 80m. Now after more than 100 years ago, it's a wonderful multi coloured reef and often you find here very huge groupers. The other wreck, AIDA, sank on 15.09.1957 and lies on 30m-70m. The metal hull an construction has become a very natural and magnificent part of the coral colonies.

Compared with the wonderful coral world you will find also different kinds of sharks, grey reef sharks, larger silvertip sharks, hammerhead sharks or thresher sharks and other big fishes. Approximately 1 km southern you find the Little Brother. Here is the best place for observing sharks at the northern plateau of the reef. It goes gradually underwater to a depth of 5-6m over about 100m distance. Strong current makes it possible to enjoy small groups of grey sharks, silvertip sharks, hammerhead sharks, but take care here there are often very strong currents of a variable direction. The reef as self offer you a lot of beautiful corals in different colours and a lot of big Gorgonians in a depth begins at 40m. The next big dive spot, is Daedalus Reef. This reef is located 147 km southern east from Port Galib and 176 km southern from Brother Islands in the middle of the Red Sea. The reef slopes are almost vertical and covered in coral colonies that begins from the surface into the deep. Often you found here longimanus and big schools of Hammerhead sharks.

The last highlight of the trip will be Elphinestone Reef (35km to south from Port Galib and 9 km from the coastline far away). A cult place, which makes a great finale to the end of your safari. The north- and the south plateau and the reef offers huge gorgonian and switch corals, a lot of soft corals and colonies of hard corals. Both plateaus are good locations to find different kinds of sharks, mostly longimanus and white tip reef shark, sometimes hammerhead sharks. The last dive site is Marsa Mubarak, a chill out area. Here you can find in shallow water and see grass a lot of small and big things, turtles, octopus, sepias, and a lot of surprises.


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