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Northtour - Wrecktour

1. day Transfer to the Boat, Arrival at Port Hurghada - Welcome on board
2. day Checkdive in Sha'ab El Erg, crossing to Sha'ab Au Nuas,
1 dive in Aha'ab Abu Nuas / Ghiannis D wreck and night dive Abu Nuas Reef
3. day Sha'ab Abu Nuas: dive to the wreck Ghiannes D, 1 dive Garnatic, crossing to Sha'ab Mahmoud, 1 dive Dunraven, night dive in Sha'ab Mahmoud,
crossing to Ras Mohamed in the early morning
4. day 1 dive Ras Mohamed, (Yolanda wreck + Shark Reef) crossing to Thistlegorm, 1 day dive and night dive to Thistlegorm
5. day 2 dives Thistlegorm, crossing to Gubal Island, 1 dive and night dive Gubal Island
6. day Is the weather good we crossing in the early morning to Rosali Möller, otherwise to the Siyul Island
1 dive Rosalie Möller or 2 dives Siyul Kibir, 1 day dive and night dive Sha'ab el Erg
7. day 1 dive by Umm Gamar Island, 1 dive at Turtle Bay. Cruise back to Hurghada
8. day Departure at Port Hurghada. Transfer to the Airport / Hotel



Tour description:

After the first night on board, we start in the early morning, after preparing all papers by the coastguard. The checkdive will be Sha'ab El Erg. Typical for this trip is the best combination between the most famous wrecks in the northern Red Sea and the amazing wall and hard coral garden reef diving. The first wreck is one of the 4 famous wrecks of Abu Nuhas. This reef lies close to the Ship-lane towards the Suez Canal and has claimed more ships than any other in the Red Sea.

Ghiannes D was blowing to a company in Greece and hit the reef 1984 with a cargo of wood. The wreck lies between 10-27m depth and is covered in corals and be very fantastic for photography.
Close together you find the wrecks of Garnatic, Chrisoula K, Kimmon M.
The Garnatic by far the most beautiful wreck on Sha'ab Abu Nuhas and especially nice for fotography. It was a mail/passenger sail and steamer ship, built in London and sunk in September 1869, one month before the Suez Canal opened and lies on a depth of 20-27m. The bow is beautiful covered with soft corals and the most photogenic spot on the wreck

After crossing to Sha'ab Mahmoud we dive the wreck Dunraven a brithish steamer ship, which hit the reef in 1876, fired and sunk to a depth of 8-29m
In the national park of Ras Mohammed lies the cargo of Yolanda The Yolanda was on a voyage from Piraeus to Aqaba with a general cargo including toilets, wash basins, bath tubs, a BMW 320 motor car (apparently belonging to the captain), aluminium, plastic sheeting and several containers of general goods in a depth of 12-20m. The cargo ship as self lies on 135m.

The very famous SS Thistlegorm and the recently discovered Rosalie Möller are World War II wrecks and one of the highlights of this trip. The SS Thistlegorm sunk in 1941, having been bombed by the Germans Air Force while on a mission to deliver a cargo of ammunition and war materials to the British troops in North Africa. The Rosalie Moeller, a British coal cargo, suffered the same demise only two days later.


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